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Katzenjammer – Tea With Cinnamon lyrics

Wake again to tea with cinnamon
Some honey on a spoon it is almost noon
Walking down the stairs to she'd my morning tears
Just can't be satisfied lord knows that I've tried
That I've tried, that I've tried
And it's so beautiful, it's so beautiful,
It's so beautiful
But it's not real, it's not real

Bright the sun the day is almost gone
I sit and drink champagne I am very sane
Smell this tea
And dream of what could be
Defeated yet again
By tea with cinnamon

As many braver men
I might bounce back my friend

And it's so beautiful it's so beautiful
It's so beautiful
But it's not real, it's not real

Now it's night and I don't feel so bright
My pulse is beating fast this will never last
Another day is gone and I can not outrun
The time is closing in let the sleep begin
Let it begin, let it begin

And it's so beautiful it's so beautiful
It's so beautiful
It's so beautiful, it's so beautiful
It's so beautiful
But it's not real it's not real
Ya, it's so beautiful, it's so beautiful
It's so beautiful
But it's not real, it's not real.

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  • PremiumTrash
    This song seems, at least to me, like something describing something that is wanted really badly, but cannot be attained. This unattainable thing is causing a lot of grief, such as shedding morning tears, and drinking it away with champagne does not help.
    The phrase "Tea With Cinnamon" probably is a representation of the said thing causing the grief and sadness, rather than it literally being tea. It is the barrier or obstacle that needs to be overcome, but so far keeps standing in the way. This is shown by the line "Defeated yet again, By tea with cinnamon," as the obstacle is still in the way, and the attempts to surpass it have failed.

    This song could also be referring to a struggle with depression. Disordered sleep and excessive crying are symptoms of clinical depression. The line "It's so beautiful" could refer to the time before depression, which, in hindsight, looks like a joyous carefree time, a heaven of sorts. Then it is remembered that "it's not real," and that, right here and right now, it is not a joyous carefree heaven. It is hell on earth. You cannot be satisfied, and would feel that it could never last. In that kind of situation, one could sit and try to drink the problems away with alcohol such as champagne. The line "I am very sane" seems like more of a reassurance to oneself that they are sane and everything will be fine. The lines "Another day is gone and I can not outrun, The time is closing in let the sleep begin" could refer to being so depressed for so long that there is no other way than death, or an eternal sleep.
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  • p
    Phoebe Michels Roberts
    I feel like this song is about trying to quit caffeine, and drinking some type of fake coffee instead (like Celestial Seasonings Roastaroma tea, which does in fact contain cinnamon and has a picture of cinnamon sticks on some editions of the box). The references to heavy sleep (the narrator just woke up but it's almost noon, then "let the sleep begin" toward the end) seem to me to support this as well. Though I agree with PremiumTrash that the song describes symptoms of depression, I also think that many of these symptoms occur for someone with a caffeine habit who is trying to go without - mostly due to my own personal experience of my multiple attempts to do so. The chorus lyric of "it's so beautiful... but it's not real" would easily match up with this explanation as well, since the tea with cinnamon would be a substitute for a caffeinated beverage.
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