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Katy McAllister – Another Empty Bottle lyrics

[Verse 1]
Mama was a bit naive
And her Daddy was a blinded thief
He went and stole away what was left of the remains of a family

She hid away behind a door she kept locked
But the walls weren't thick enough to block out
The angry noises of the voices that once soothed her to sleep

And she lies tonight
Underneath the caving roof
And she cries tonight
Wondering what she could do
And she tries tonight
Remembering who she once knew
But they've died inside
Another empty bottle
Takes a life

[Verse 2]
This world can be so cruel
She lives her life as a broken tool
And she believes she's unable to fix this broken machine

And what's the use to throw yourself at love
If in the end it never seems enough
To be able to get through all of life's broken dreams

She watched her father live in regret
Heard her mother cry and then nip to bed
And she swears this is the best life gets

And she lies tonight
Underneath the caving roof
And she cries tonight
Wondering what she could do
And DJs tries tonight
But she's out of memories that she once knew
And she does inside
Another empty bottle
Takes a life

[Middle 8]
Oh and every little bit every little bit of her
Wants to see the light
But every single night a little bit more of her
Dies inside
She's trapped in her mind
She feels more alive she feels more alive
In her own dreams
And she's wondering
What's beyond the sky could she see the light of
She fell asleep
Cos she feels more alive
In her own dreams

So tonight she lies
Lifted up through her own roof
Dried eyes tonight
There was nothing more that she could do
And they cry tonight
A daughter that they hardly knew
Now she's lost in time
Another empty bottle
Takes a life

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Another Empty Bottle meanings

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    It is about a girl who have a bad father and a naive mother Her father took everything in their life leaving them and the parents always fight and argue at each other while the girl hides inside her room hearing her parents argue with each other she lies in her bed wondering what she could do in her life and she cries wondering what she could do for her family she goes and tried too have fun but she is dead inside every night she dies more and more inside and only in her dreams can she live freely and happily she is broken and no one can ever fix her and all her dreams is now broken and now what she did she committed suicide because she can't handle the cruelity of the world.
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    A girl blinded wondering what lives about, feeling more alive in her own dreams whilst hearing her parents argue endlessly.Her mother cried every day and her father drunk away his sorrows.She ended up realising she’s was more alive in her dreams and committed suicide thinking that she would become a angel and be happy and free also while watching her family crying for their daughter that they realised they knew nothing about.
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