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Kata & The Blaze – Possum Anthem (Overworked/Underpaid Blues) lyrics

When I got home this evenin'
I was wore down to my shoes
When I got home this evenin'
I was wore down to my shoes
I'm just a helpless bi-standard
Of the overworked/underpaid blues

The boss man seems to think
I should work 8 days a week
He says I don't need time
Just to rest my weary feet
But you know I do
Heaven knows I do
Cause I can't take no more
Of these overworked/underpaid blues

I've tried to tell him
But he won't listen
Lord, I'm working my way
To a prozac prescription
Waitin' on my day off
Bout to lose my mind
Gettin' paid the same
But I'm workin' overtime

All I know is something soon
Is sure gonna have to change
Lord knows that I'm just gonna
Cut lose of his reins and vamoose
I'll ride out on my ole cayoose
Cause I've got to break free
Of these overworked/underpaid blues

Hard as I've worked for him
You think I'd deserve
A fat promotion, or that raise
I have earned
But just to get my bonus
He says I have to sign
My life away on a dotted line

I'm done working for the devil
Gonna turn in my two weeks
Pack up my sunglasses
And head for some beach
Cause my vacation is so long overdue
Gonna cast 'em to the sea
These overworked/underpaid
Don't want no more
Of these long working days
I've got to get rid of
The overworked/underpaid blues

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