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Kaptain Kream – Real Rich lyrics

Dammit I can't wait til' I'm real rich
Smoking woods to the face I can't feel shit
Couple people switched up on me real quick
Just some niggas and some bitches I can't deal with

I can't make a move without that strap on me
They know Ima play it cool like some ranch on me
Keep it real Ain no cap in my rap homie
No seatbelt but that strap in my lap homie

Get out my face Ione like you
You been hating on a nigga since high school
Remember then I was still trying to fight you
Now I'm shining on these niggas like the lights do

I been up since my ex got a man now
Let me catch her with that nigga and his pants down
Ima flip his goofy ass leave him assed out
And tell her to try again Ain no handouts

Keep a couple hundred dollars in a backpack
Feel my phone there go Paula where you at fat
I say momma I'm so gone I'm in the back back
She like call me when you home stay off that pack

Yes I'm living good I'm living great now
Imagine if I had a little more cake now
Hundred thousand dollar whips at a safe house
I want really rich damn I can't wait now



More money more problems whatever's whatever homie
You know that I gottem wet up an umbrella homie
Paranoid bout getting set up I got cheddar on me
Or one of my niggas getting held up started telling on me

I Say dammit I can't wait to get my check up
VVS's on my chain ice my neck up
Cause I'm too hotdog you can't ketchup
I been sipping on that shit got me messed up

Hell yeah I feel like Stella got my groove back
Run up fast you'll get your ass blew back
Thats your man how you let your man do that
On them xans we'll beat his ass blue black

Hell yeah its the Kream on some gang shit
Get really rich with the niggas I hang with
Going out with the same niggas I came with
Same Mac-Town Ain change shit


Running to this money like go Mongi go go
Niggas praying on my downfall no nigga no no
Got the the burner on me tucked with the dick showing
Make one wrong move and you getting licked on me

Back to wall and My hands up
Dropped outta school ran them bands up
Everyday Im thanking god that I came up
Praying none of my nigga ever switch up

I hustled I over came and conquered
Secured the bag so I bought mama new house and new jag
Hit up Kapt. and tell my niggga gone head get to the bag
They want me dead 12 behind me then I’m doin the dash
They neva took a real nigga like me serious
Trynna put end to my life like a period
But I Cant go out sad my lil nigga he look up to me

I’m the chef in the kitchen and I got a secret recipe
No competition let’s be real who really fucking with us
We on a quest some young niggas with big ambition
Can you envision a young nigga whipping a Bentley

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