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Kamedah – Don't Act Like (She Is Just A Friend) lyrics

Don't act like she is just a friend
You got way too comfortable
Got busted and now I know
But I don't feel like I gotta just pretend
What I know I can't ignore don't act like she's a friend there's something

And I don't believe you
I don't believe you no no
I don't believe you

Verse 1
You must think I'm stupid
I wanna know her name
She is not the problem baby
You're the blame

Don't even look confused
Caller id already broke the news

And I read the text
Going out to dinner
Can you say what's next

Why you in a rush
Gimme my car keys
You can take the bus

Now, now I hear you say
Way back in the day
She was just some girl you knew but you know I don't play
Why the second phone guess you should known I'd find out now your cover's

Verse 2
This really crazy
And I'm so annoyed
You try to paint the picture that I'm paranoid

Can ya face the fact
You got caught baby in the act
And you played the role
Of the nice guy but it just got old
Here is something new
You can stay with her cuz right now we're through

What ya gonna say now
No apology how
How can you make it up to me
I don't like what I see

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