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Kalado – Run lyrics


Verse 1
Magi Bubble, Body Double, Give Him Squady Trouble
Ah De Double Body Cuddle. Dig Him, Grab De Shovel
Pon De Puzzle Fuh De Novel Within Tag, De Double
Pussy, Nuh Panty, Pussy, And Me Nah Commit Nuh Baggi Trouble
Gun Ah Pick, Not Picture. Fit, Matic Yah
Twit, Not Twitter. Sick, Mafia
Wit' Officer Rick Rocketa. Kick, Chop It Yah.
Shit, Weh Yuh Stop It Fah.

Run... Run... Run
Grab Up Yuh Two Foot Dem Inna Yuh Hand, When Yuh See A.N.G Ah Bloodclaat
Come And
Run... (Nuh Kill Me, Dawg) Run... Run (Yeah Know)

Verse 2
Caterpilla, De Dracula. Tech Spectacular
Popular De Bottle Yah. Then Yuh Dim Yuh 'Nocular
Watch-ila Fi Tackler, Great Snake Rattler
A.N.G Dem Ah Maskilla, (Stupse) Guh Ask Killa
De Thing Inna De Barrel Leave Him Inna De Barrel
Precisely, This Noise-ily Like Kim Inna De Quarrel
Sing Inna De Forelle. Him Swim Inna De Sorrel
Wuh We Bring In Pon De Camel. Do De Digging In De Hammel


Verse 3
Roam Mugged, Cold-Blooded
Heartless, Me Soul Bud Wid
Gun Solid, Convalid, Shot Split Some Forehead
Money Wire Down, So Me Fyah Gun
Bun De Ashes, Bun Tire Down
(Hehe, Huh, Dead Bwoy)
Ah Matic, Hammer Tick
Willing, Man Ah Skip
Hammer Spit, Bomb Ah Tick. Killing Fanatic
Man Ah Shit, Mama Sick. Spilling Am At It
Dramatic, Nail The Safe And Nak It


Maddie! Yo Cannon, J. Yuh Know Seh A.N.G Alone Have De Queen Weh Carry De K
Cross Cris, Weh Mek Body Decay
Ducky, Gimme De Pucky
Overs Me Ah Seh, Icon

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