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Kagamine Rin – Meltdown lyrics

Machiakari hanayaka
Eeteru masui no tsumetasa
Nemurenai gozen niji
Subete ga kyuusoku ni kawaru

Oiru kire no raitaa
Yaketsuku you na inonaka
Subete ga sou uso nara
Hontou ni yokatta noni ne

Kimi no kubi wo shimeru yume wo mita
Hikari no afureru hirusagari
Kimi no hosoi nodo ga haneru no wo
Nakidashisouna me de miteita

Kakuyuugouro nisa
Tobikonde mitai to omou
Massao na hikari tsutsumarete kirei
Kakuyuugouro nisa
Tobikonde mitara soshitara
Subete ga yurusareru youna kigashite

Beranda no mukougawa
Kaidan wo nobotte yuku oto
Kageridashita sora ga
Mado garasu ni heya ni ochiru

Kakusan suru yuugure
Nakiharashita youna hi no aka
Tokeru you ni sukoshi zutsu
Sukoshi zutsu shinde yuku sekai

Kimi no kubi wo shimeru yume wo mita
Harukaze ni yureru kaaten
Kawaite kireta kuchibiru kara
Koboreru kotoba wa awa no you

Kakuyuugouro nisa
Tobikonde mitai to omou
Masshiro ni kioku tokasarete kieru
Kakuyuugouro nisa
Tobikonde mitara mata mukashi mitai ni
Nemureru youna sonna kigashite

Tokei no byoushin ya
Terebi no shikaisha ya
Soko ni iru kedo mienai dareka no
Waraigoe houwa shite hankyou suru

Allegro Agitato
Miminari ga kienai yamanai
Allegro Agitato
Miminari ga kienai yamanai

Daremo minna kieteku yume wo mita
Mayonaka no heya no hirosa to seijaku ga
Mune ni tsukkaete
Jouzu ni iki ga dekinaku naru


Kakuyuugouro nisa
Tobikonde mitara soshitara
Kitto nemuru youni kiete ikerunda
Boku no inai asa wa
Ima yori zutto subarashikute
Subete no haguruma ga kamiatta

Kitto sonna
Sekai da

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Submitted byjamiro24
Corrected byShirayuki_Ruka


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    It's pretty much about Rin looking back at all her sins and mistakes she's made since she was a young child, and guilt is weighing heavily on her. She's been having anxiety dreams about hurting the people she holds dear to her because they are the only people she has left, and the only people keeping her sane at the moment. While Rin believes she won't hurt any of them, she is still left in the prison of her own mind, replaying everything she'd done wrong, and slowly hating herself more and more. In the video, it shows her choking her younger self - this is her metaphorical attempt to prevent any of those sins she made to happen. By "killing" past her, nothing bad would have happened.
    But, obviously, Rin can't time travel. She wants the world as it is now to be a better, more beautiful place, and she thinks she is contaminating it by simply living in it. She counts down the minutes to her 'meltdown' or, suicide, until she goes for it. She wants her last moment and way out to be beautiful, as a reminder of what she will leave the world to be once she is dead. The nuclear reactor will whip her out with a "beautiful blue glow," and take any trace of her with it.
    This song is about Rin locking herself inside of a cage of hate and, ultimately, deciding the world will be better off without her, and killing herself.
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    Uhg! You don't get it do you? Rin is the one who is hurting the person because that specific person has abandoned her in her life and she wants to get revenge on them no matter if they say sorry or please stop doing this and ect.! She hates the person okay!? People don't know what she's been through! Her brother is the only one she's got! Nobody wants to go out with her she just wants someone to love! You don't get her like I do she is A sweet 14 year old girl that has no one to love except for her brother you got that!? She hates it when people abandon her and leave her just to be alone! Yeah I know she has other vocaloids as friends but that isn't special enough for her! Just shut up and think of what your saying! Thank you for reading this I hope you understand how much she's been through okay? Am I clear just friggen shut up and understand!
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    I haven't seen any meanings to it, so i'll tell my meaning. I thinks it's about a person who's done a lot of bad things in their life, so many they can't seem to be forgiven. And they think that the only way to take back everything they did is to commit suicide. But no matter how unforgiving it might seem, there is always someone who stands by you, no matter what.
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