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Justine Skye – Messin' With You lyrics

[Hook: Justine Skye]
I'm only messing with you, you, you
I'm only messing with you, you, you

[Verse 1: Justine Skye]
Ain't got no worries
No 9-to-5
So we chilling, we chilling,
We chill (uh-huh) (uh-huh)
Ain't in a hurry
Just living life
So we chilling, we chill, keep it trill

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2: Justine Skye]
These thoughts
Of mine
Are so certain (yeah, they are) (I know they are)
If we fall
In love
Don't you worry
Cause I don't think you'll change your mind
I don't think you'll change your mind
No I don't think you'll change your mind
You won't change your mind (x2)

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3: Justine Skye]
Only need one
Only need one
And the one I chose is you
Baby let's run
Baby let's run
You and I don't need no rules
I wish we had the world
To ourselves sometimes
What a feeling
When something feels so right

[Verse 4: Joey Bada$$]
Ayo, shorty if you need the business
I'm your guy
I could light you up
On my satellite
I could take you to a place
Where we don't have to fly
I'm killing this game
With her on my side
We like Mr. Mrs. Smith
Angelina lips on my pit (yup yup)
That's my
Ruff ruff she like this dick
And that's a little far fetched but
You could get it quick
And I ain't trying to be rude
It's just setting the mood
If you feeling stressed
I got turbo jets in the pool
Long days I'll carress you too
Put it so deep you sleep the best you could
Forget the bull
Forty seven cash for my sugarplum festival
No words just let the affection show
I'm shooting for your heart
But we don't need no protection, no
And that's real

[Hook: Justine Skye and Joey Bada$$]
I'm only messing with you, you, you (You know I only mess with you my girl)
(You know I only mess with you my boy) (x3)
And you're my girl

[Outro: Justine Skye]
Oh yeah (I chose you)

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