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Justin Nozuka – Save Him lyrics

She loves him more he loves her more
Seems like they aint never let each other go
Laughin and kissin it's a match made in heaven

Behind the rings on their fingers imprints the ink deep in the inner
That has stained their souls' together now
Stained 'soul mates' forever now

Seems like they've made it to the other side
Where the grass is greener and the sky is always blue
And it goes on forever and forever but there is only room for two
Deep at night I'm awakened from my dreams
Next door yelling cries mercy she is begging please

'Don't end my life your all I need and darlin I will never leave never leave'
And then she prayed on her knees

She said

'Save him, save him from the hand that beats me on'(3x)
'Save him, save him from the hand that beats you on'

Dark clouds cover her paradise
She covers her eyes and hides
Behind enemy lines
And she walks through the night with her child in her arms She's thrown back hostaged
You see twenty years ago
When she was just ten years old
Lost in imagination
She was left alone
And Paps had nothing to let his anger on
Oh he beat her cold
She used to prey on her knees
She said


Deep at night I'm awakened from my dreams
Next door
Yellin cries mercy she's beggin please
- "get up get up"
He brings her to her feet and smacks her down till she falls to the ground
Oh and over and over again
He brings her to her feet till she can no longer stand
Oh and still the beating never ends
Oh on and on and on it goes
Until he brings out a gun
And says to her
"Stop crying and bring me my son"

She cries harder and harder
He cries harder and harder
She says
"Baby please don't don't do this"
Oh two shots to her chest
And a blow to his own head
She quickly loses breath
And blood rushes to their bed
And baby cries he cries his eyes out


She loves him more he loves her more
Seems like they ain't never let each other go
Laughin and kissin
It's a match made in heaven

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Save Him meanings

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    Justin wrote this song about his foster brother christian. Telling his story. When the mom says "save him from the hand that he beats me on" she's asking god to save her child from the abusive husband. This whole story is true and I think that it's sad that I child has to watch both his parents die. Ut the son gist self is beautiful. I also think e last lines are meant to be sort of ironic because the weren't a match made in heaven.
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  • s
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    This song is about a man who loses his soul and a woman who never had one. Her soul is blinded the false belief of true love which she uses as a excuse to not only risk her own life, but that of her own child. She allows the her body to be bruised to match that of her childhood and allows the cycle of abuse to continue. Women, if this is happening, don't make excuses, not for anyone. Please, seek help. If there are children involved, please seek help for their sakes. Before this song is more than just a song for you.
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