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Jungle Brothers – 718 Kit lyrics

[ Baby Bam ]
718 K-i-t, baby
You gotta keep in touch if you wanna be my lady
Like finders keepers, loosers beepers
Cellular phones, metergrams and beepers
All around my waist with the boomin bass
Bouncin up against your body if you want the taste
You can leave your name and number on the sex machine
Or better yet the address of the disco scene
And I'll come, bring some of the good homecookin
Just for you, girl, all the way from Brooklyn
Scream, shout, good lookin out
I guess that means you wanna get tooken out
So pass the peas and let me fix your plate
And let your hair down so I can set you straight
And chill, put your body on the pill
Turn to channel 9 and let me watch Benny Hill
No need to rush when I'm knowin that I'm gettin it
Relax because you see, I ain't sweatin it

I ain't sweatin it

[ Mike G ]
Mike G on the run-through, scoop on the poop
Turntables take one and mics take two
Rhymes crazy fat like a baseball bat
Or some booty in your lap, and things like that
[ Baby Bam ]
So let me see you shake that booty
So I can swing my roo-too-tootie
Let it hang from left to right
Do my thang to ya all damn night
Like that y'all...
[ Mike G ]
...and the beat goes on
And when you're runnin with the Dready nothin can go wrong
Now hold on tight as the Bear sets flight
The softer the seat, the longer the night
Seven hineys deep and I'm gettin no sleep
I keep lovin you girls and keep changin the sheets
I got my meter runnin so I can't stay long
I done came and gone, you're still singin my song
Man won't get it and he seem to be frettin it
I got another, so you see I ain't sweatin it

I ain't sweatin it

[ Baby Bam ]
Yo, I start sniffin like Mr. Snuffleupagus
And all the freaks, they just can't enough of this
Could it be my sex appeal
Or could it be the way I wheel and deal?
Kick a little lingo, baby, I'm single
Gift from God but I ain't Kris Kringle
Fly cutie, you in the Timberland boot
Down with the Brothers and the JB troop
Cooler than cool, coolin in my coupe
So Dready Bear if you're here, tell me what's the scoop

[ Mike G ]
Shootin down suckers from town to town
Raise my eyebrows and I mop the clown
Honeys on my back from the vibe I send
Troopers on my tail from the laws I bend
Dready Bear the cowboy, six shooter and all
Step in the door and all drawers hit the floor
Never go dry cause I just ain't lettin it
I'm the Bear and you know I ain't sweatin it

Sweet Daddy ain't sweatin it

Dready Bear ain't sweatin it

Billy Bear ain't sweatin it

The JBeez ain't sweatin it

I ain't sweatin it
[ repeated 4x ]

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