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Jumbo Train – Angels Among Us lyrics

Yesterday I read
Someone shot their gun
Left some children dead
Then they tried to run

Then we heard
A Boston blast
Misguided youth
Their hatred cast

Tv news told me
A bomb hit a home
Filled with a family
They were all alone

But there are so many angels among us
That keep the dark at bay
Sometimes it’s the little things that matter most
That make us feel like everything’s going to be okay…

So hard to believe
A weapon made from a plane
Useless sorrow they weave
It’s just so insane

Young girls taken away
Their whole life ahead
Need to make them pay
All I see is red

Lost another soul last week
Couldn’t stand the hurt
Their taunting cut too deep
Now healed by six feet of dirt

What the hell is a holy war?
I don’t think that any Lord
Would want any murder in his name
Sure take it out on the innocent
You piece of dirt bag scum
Won’t be long ‘til you get yours
The good will always overcome

Yes the good we will always overcome

Yes the good we will always overcome

Be okay….

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