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Josh Verdes – Meaningless Songs lyrics

Verse 1

Well here I go again
Try to find those words I had
But somehow all I got is
This pen and a 17" pad
And how can it be that a boy like me
With a guitar as his one-man-band
Feels like plain' a song
With no point, no meaning
Just a beat in his hand



And I swear I had a really good topic
But you've heard it all before
"He did this" "She did that"
"I love you"'s breakups to make-ups


But this isn't one of those songs,
But you can still go ahead and sing along,
Cause it's all a mystery,
How we could still love
Those meaningless songs.

Verse 2

It's always there at the right time
The time when you need it most
The song whose name forgot comes
Blarin' on the radio
And even when it makes no sense at all
For some reason you keep singin' along
And then you realize you knew number-one too
And it's just a meaningless song.



And I've tried, to figure out my thoughts
But somehow, all those thoughts and words got lost
And now the floor has another paper ball
And you're stuck, with another,
Meaningless song.


Chorus 2

Well this isn't one of those songs
But you could sing from the top of your lungs,
'Cause it's all a mystery
How we could, still love
And if you love this, well then add this one
'Cause its just one of those,
Just one of those meaningless songs.
Meaningless songs.

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