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Jordan Carroll – Meet Me In The Sun lyrics

Well I was oh I was sleeping when I met you didn't know what to do and I
Was, oh I was dreaming when I saw you didn't know what to say
But I found you tossing and turning lying awake
Oh awake
Oh awake

And I was, oh I was walking when I met you
Didn't know what to do
And I was, oh I was talking when I saw you didn't know what to say
And I found you singing and dancing in the rain
Oh in the rain
Oh in the rain

And I, talk about you all the time cause your always on my mind
Oh on my mind

And I want you by my side even though you make me blind
Oh my whole life
Oh my whole life

And I don't need anyone to love me
Oh all I need you
And I will never let you go
Oh this I want you to know
To know

That you flip me upside down
And turn me all around with your smile
So if you would just stay a while
I'm sure I'd be
I'd be okay

And I will be your crying shoulder
When your feeling down
Oh down

And if you ever need me
You know I'll be around

And I don't I don't, I don't care where you are
Or how far
Just meet me in the sun
Cause your the only one

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