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Jonalyn Viray – Help Me Get Over lyrics

I know that this wound will bleed again
Now I’m here right beside the one I love
I see he’s in love with someone else
Now I know I just got to let him go
Because it’s over, Help me get over

I don’t know what to do
There is no easy way of letting go
But I know there’s no sense
In holding on too much to something fading

Help me, Help me
Help me get over you

Now I see, You’re so happy with her
Deep inside I just don’t know what to feel

Oh, I’m sure, You don’t need me anymore
So I’ll go on, Try my best to just move on
Now that it’s over, I got to get over

(Repeat Chorus)

I know I’ve got to leave it all behind
Somehow I’ll try to get you off my mind
So tell me what to do
Help me get over…

(Repeat Chorus)

Help me get over you…

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    It's really hard to be broken hearted. It's gross! I know right. After you give your all and everything esp. Effort to keep the love in a relationship to work out, after all it's useless? Ouch! Letting go neither an easy task most esp. When you get used of being with the person you thought you'll be with forever. On the other hand, you have to let go. Ask for God's guidance and spend your time with people that worth your love and get yourself busy. Time heals, In the long run there will be a person who is worth fighting for who will love you as you are wholly. God Bless.
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    What is the sense of holding on if the love the you are fighting is just one sided only. You know its not gonna work anymore and not even worth fighting for. The love that once have had faded already. Its hurt to know that after all, you're alone in the rain what even worst is that the love that once you fight for has gone forever.
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    This song relates me so well because it shows the reality that every person would experience this feeling if he/she got broken hearted especially when he/she felt the feeling of what they say "true love". It is difficult for the person to move on, sometimes they tend to play others feeling just to forget what they've experience before. It is not bad to show others what you've feel but then it's you who can ease your grief and anger about your past.
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    Its really hard to love someone that you know he love someones else instead of you. It is like what I am feeling now I can't forget this person specially the short memories we have. But I'm trying to get over because its really hurt if you are the one that holding for the relation that you have. But I know that in the end to forget is the right thing to do. Coz it will keep hurting your self.
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  • a
    I Love the song, the message specially the tone. :)
    A lovely song that I really want to hear.
    I always sang this song every moment. I sang this song in karaoke even in singing contest.
    It reach my expectation, so. Good job ate Jonalyn, I owe you <3 Sarangahae unnie.
    "dangsin-eun jeongmal daedanhada.
    I nolaee daehan gamsa, geuligo nan jeongmal gamsadeulibnida. "
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