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Jonah33 – The Strangest Day lyrics

So wrong for so long
It's a bitter pill to take
There's nothing left for me to say
So take the time to change your mind
'Cause where you're at right now
Doesn't work for anyone

You live like you were comatose
Deaf and dumb you grew numb to it all
You lost sight of what matters most
Where everything that you have known
Finally hits the wall

And it might be the strangest day
The moment that you break away
It feels like it's a big mistake
Finally waking up to the strangest day

Letting go of all you know
Rearranges you
It reconstructs your point of view
As time creeps by you'll notice
Your eyes begin to focus
Soon enough you'll find
It doesn't matter what you've left behind

You live like you were comatose
Deaf and dumb you grew numb to it all
There's beauty in just letting go
Life is more than what we know
Then we could ever know

Religion, tradition
Nothing prepares you for the day it's all made clear

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