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Johnny Hobo And The Freight Trains – I'm So Punk I Hate Punk lyrics

They ruled like hell when I was twelve
But now they gather dust on my shelves
Three chords, maybe four
I don't like these bands anymore
Not worth a door fee or a three buck CD
'Cause all of these bands lack creativity
Skill's a waste of time so being amateur's fine
But at least write your own lyrics from time to time
'Cause I don't wanna be associated with
Such a fuckin' waste of electricity

Me I'm a rat caught in the Hot Topic trap
Spend your allowance on an anarchy hat
That you can take off when you're home with your mom
But with your punk friends you can put back on
You expect me to care that you dyed your hair
Do you think that makes you a rebel compared
To any other fashion follower?
I'm afraid you're still a trendy motherfucker
And I don't wanna be associated with
Such a fuckin' waste of chemicals

And I don't wanna be associated with
All your stupid punk bullshit

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