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Johnny Dangerous – White Hot lyrics

Who the hell said
That I fell off
Johnny comeback
And it's White Hot
Haters, lovers
And freaks take note
Ya'll 'bout to choke
As I clear my throat (eh-eh)
"What's up, Johnny
What you been up to"
The usual shit
Concerts and film flicks
Some radio shows

Videos on Logo
Then throwin' em back
At Cocktails and Roscoes
Head down to Spin
End up at Berlin
Then wake up to breakfast

In bed- do it again
Check the email
Write some shit on my blog
And have my man-servant
Take my dogs on a walk
"you got it like that?"

I'm only pullin' your leg
Cuz when he lets the dog out
He throws down in the bed
And all you wanna-bes
Bitin' my style
I's gonna take a lot more
Than some dirty ass rhymes, child
Gear always phenom
Been told my styles the bomb
Shirts by Benetton
Denim-Dolce Gabban

Bag Louis Vuitton
Cascading my arm
My style is Grey Goose
While yours is Boonz Farm
Still 5-6
Still love to write hits

Still got the hot ass
That love to ride dick
Still love to live rich
With luxurious shit
If I rap it, I live it
You can hate all you want, bitch

Johnny come out on top
White Hot's the new black
I'm takin' ova ya block
Started as a hip hop star
Tore it up as a Rockstar

But now Johnny D
Be the X-Rated Pop star
"What about the other Johnny?"
Johnny who?
"The gay pimp"

That old silly lookin' clown

With them thin-ass lips?
"Come on, you know Jonny!"
I don't know who dat is
The only Johnny I know
Last name is Dangerous, bitch!

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