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John Reuben – Place To Be lyrics

Alright, guys, we got one chance. Once chance, folks, do do this.
This is our chance to shine, and let's put it to rhyme,
And let's put it to the mind,
And let's put it to the test. God Bless
So here we go, check it-

You know, uh, we are steppin to the party, the place to be
Ok, the crowd is packed, and people lookin at we
Like the mic's on the stand, Speedy, you know what to do
Stepped on stage, hey you

Yo, greetings earthlings, I'm on a search for a team of elohim
Fiends seen
And I recite for, as I recite for Heavenly riches
Plus to spread the Gospel
And poison ivy when it itches
Which is wrote in Acts 1: 8
Never debate when I'm quotin the omnipotent
Never promotin tooth decay by way of teeth nashin'
Mics I'm clashin like the classic flights of Ben Franklin's kites
Lightnings bolts of light strike men
That they might see my good works, then
Glorify He who rolls from earth to Heaven
Yo, I think it's evident, Christ takes residence
In hearts of benevolence
When God is speaking, yo we give Him reverence
We can wash and rinse in fragrance (aw, I messed it up)

John: But it's a Freestyle, I like that.
Place to be, the place to be, the place to be
Because we step into the party the place to be
Ok the crowd is packed and people lookin at we
Like the mic's on the stand, and Transcend know what to do,
Alen know what to do, hey you hey you

Um, I said it before, Transcend five-foot-four
Walkin in, steppin in through Todd Collins' door
In the studio rockin from here to beat next to Monday
Tuesday kid, we might chill on Sunday,
But Saturday we're eatin Grits in the morning at Shoney's
Transcend rockin it, but not for the money
Truly the skill, bustin it at will
Like I said it before, send me the bill
For hip-hop is the one I truly love,
God is truly above rockin,
Keepin it cool to the end of the -- Ahhh!

John: Step into the party, the place to be
Ok the crowd is packed and people lookin at we
Like the mic's on the stand and

John: right right right I know to do
And what they want me to do is come through
And have a little fun
John Reuben a little bit lanky
A little six-foot-one
Havin' a good time everytime without a care
Look at me I got crazy fluffy little jewish hair
Because I'm a jewish kid, call me the messianic
Everytime I grab the microphone it's lyrics like Tonic
'cuz you take it in, and then you want a little more
What step through the door, hardcore metaphor,
Not speakin' when I'm tweakin'
Yo these whack emcees they be reakin
But let's not talk about the whack,
Let's talk about myself for a minute
So get in it
John Reuben about to spin it
For the crowd to go infinite times, infinite rhymes
Infinite line after line, from the top of the mind,
Each and every tile, style, pile, file

Step into the party the place to be
Ok the crowd is packed and people lookin at we
Like the mic's on the stand,
And y'all know what to do, so we stepped on staaaage

John: On stage, and the mic was on.
The mic was on. The mic was on
So I turned the microphone on and I said a little somethin'
A little somethin'
I said turned the microphone on and we said a little somethin'
It was the place to be, in the space to be,
Too much energy and nothin can we do wastefully
Because creativity runs through my B-O-D-Y
Don't ask questions, I'm just stressin,
Then God Blessin' and addressin' the

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