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Joey Fatts – All We Got lyrics

[Verse 1]
Been asleep for a while now
I been fuckin' hoes, doin' more shows, money come in piles now
Back then she wouldn't fuck with me, she wanna fuck in my pause now
Used to be nobody text with me, they wanna text to the kid nah
All these fake niggas tryna keep it real now
Bitches, I'm that nigga, still the same nigga from befo' tho
East Side nigga, used to call me daddy Joe
Movin' packs, neva one did my momma know
You need that nigga, believe me, on my lil stove [?]
Back then I was buggin' on a trip of seeds
Meeked up befo' we popped ten a piece
Now every other month I make ten at least
Thuggin' real fo' my niggas cuz they gotta eat
Lookin' out for each other in the streets cuz it's all we got
Anybody wanna fuck with me or one of my niggas
Niggas know that the things are gonna pop
The hard stopped heavy but the hustle didn't stop
A couple homie's dead and a couple homie's not
But a young nigga still on that clock
Fork bend that blend(?!) tryna own that spot
Fuck bein' in yo pussy, I'm tryna run that block
Uh, I'm tryna ball with my niggas
Been through it all with my niggas
Collect calls from my niggas
And they tellin' me to stay on my shit
The bigger you are, the tougher it is
But this is rap, dawg, this shit is [?]

[Hook x2]
Just me and my niggas, tryna take it to the top
Gotta get this money, and take care of ours
We all we got, we all we got, we all we got
We all we got, we all we got

[Verse 2]
Stand down till we come up, on the grind til the sun up
Boy, I got to get these funds up, serving hot O’s, no Columbas
And the life we chose, we dug it, when we play the bass, we drum it
With that cable, lil holme be buggin', like the they got their way down to bussin'
Do it all for the budget, hit a lick then it's back to the hustlin'
Flip that, turn up into somethin', then I play [?], nigga, we all stuntin'
Gotta ride fo' niggas that you walk with, eat with those that you starved with
Down the sheet and got balled in, cuz ya know they're gonna hit the money callin'
But every backdoor nigga call in, cuz I need that
Feelin' like Nick with the seatback, nigga chasin' every D jack
Where the cheese at? Girl, my [?]
Leave holes where yo feet, suddenly, you been cracked
Gettin' all this money, grindin', now you see that
Didn't wanna fuck, now you let the whole team smack
I get it! You talk it, I live it, I sell it, you sip it
You want it, come get it, a line go for 50
It's money, I'm wid it, it's mine, I spend it
I hustle every minute, bitch, I'm feelin' like Knicks
Keys to the city, everybody fuckin' with me
Young nigga droppin' weight like Missy
Go get it like [?] and [?]
So you know it's bout money if you see me

[Hook x2]
Just me and my niggas, tryna take it to the top
Gotta get this money, and take care of ours
We all we got, we all we got, we all we got
We all we got, we all we got

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