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Joe Tex – I Believe I'm Gonna Make It lyrics

When I got your letter baby
I was in a foxhole on my knees

(Oh yes I was)
And your letter brought me so much strength
Tell you what I did, baby

(Oh, you won't believe it)
I raised up and got me
Two mo' enemies
(Oh yes I did)

Listen, that's why
I believe that I'm gonna make it
(Tell everybody back home)
I believe that I'm gonna make it
And baby I'll be home before you can say
Jackie Robinson
(Oh yes I will, yes I will)

Sometimes I wonder
Do you really love me
Then I'll think of something sweet
You once said to me
And the thought makes me feel
So good inside
I raise up and get me
Two mo' enemies

Listen, baby (ooh, oh baby)
I wished a thousand times
That we had gotten married
Before I left home for Vietnam
But then when I see so many of my buddies
Getting' shot down all around me
Makes me kinda glad that we waited
Because I don't wanna leave you
At home being a widow, no
I know you understand, babe

Listen darling
They promised me a furlough on the fifteenth of next month
And I want you to say a prayer tonight
That my furlough will come through
So I can come home to be with you
And tomorrow, oh tomorrow
Go by and tell my mom and daddy
That I love 'em
And for 'em not to worry about me

'Cause I believe that I'm gonna make it
Tell everybody back home
I believe that I'm gonna make it
And baby I'll be home before you can say
Batman and Robin

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