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Joe Lamont – Victims Of Love lyrics

Our hearts have been to battle
Our souls have been to war
We've lost the will to carry on, we don't believe no more
Wasn't it we who said
That this could never happen to us
How wrong could we be cause baby here we are

Victims of love a broken down affair
So sad to see the debris
Scattered everywhere
Victims of love, I still cannot believe
That we're the victims of love
That we cannot retrieve

It used to be so easy, it used to be so good
We had an understanding that got misunderstood
I thought we were survivors and we never would go down
But now we're just outsiders as our love
Comes tumbling down



Maybe we played it a bit too sure
And everything was hearts and roses
But fate stepped in and closed the door
And we were just left standing
And we realized the ending
Was so near...
Where do we go from here...


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    The meaning of this song for me is when one time when we really fell in love with that someone. Both of us felt the same but in the end. There is an ending in which the two must be separated because it is not destined for them to be together. Thank you, you became part of my life and of my memories. Those sweet and happy moments, I shall never be forgotten. You are my love and this feeling is forever. You are always special for me.
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    Its about just falling out of love mutually. You both didn't expect it when you started because you were so in love and happy with each other. But one day, somewhere along the road, the spark was just lost and the relationship cannot go on. And neither can do anything to salvage the relationship.
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    We should never retreat if we have become victims of love & nothing should have stopped us. Unless we have also been played out & rejected for good. For we should never retreat & despite of the circumstances.

    For our own actions would only tell us. Of what is real love & the meaning of it as of within our own hearts. Are we the victims of love due to other people's misdoing. Or we have actually made ourselves the real victims of love.

    [Many individuals had actually made themselves the real victims of love since it was their own personal doing & nobody else.]
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