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Jody Breeze – Stay Fresh lyrics

[feat. Jazze Pha]

All my playas get a lil... cup of dat Pimp Juice
Lay back... and enjoy da ride

[Hook: Jazze Pha]
All a playa do is stay fresh
Head to mah toe
Girl I'm tryna impress ya baby
Get it off my chest
I know what you like
Letcha boy inside
All a playa do is stay fresh
Girl I'll undress
You ain't gotta molest me baby
Girl I want yo sex
Let ya boy inside
I know what you like...

[Verse 1: Jazze Pha]
(You like what I like)
(I like what you like)
(I know what you want)
(You got what I need)
Yo shawty got me wanna do somethin nasty
Booty jiggle like shawty take some J-Lo classes hey
(You like what I like)
(I like what you like)
(I know what you want)
(You got what I need)
While yall niggas at the mall
Findin fitted hats to match ya throwback
I'm the cat wit the braid to the back breakin yo hoe back.
Know dat! It's Mr. FoSacks
Ah crackin Prozac
The smoke that I blow from inhalin da dro got me so relaxed
And ya know that I'm hustlin jack
Lookin for a lil tenda thang wit a romp to put a hump in her back aye
Cuz all I wanna...


[Verse 2:]
Well you can catch me in a white tee, white Regal
White mink, white flo, white seats, passengers are white freaks
Satisfied? Can't be! Got a dude but he ain't me.
Opposites attract so since you so hot I can be yo AC
Now you could neva make me
But what you could make me
Is some steak and some baked beans
Tuck my napkin to stay clean
And just so happened I went from trappin to rappin
It wasn't my passion for fashion
But dat is what attracts em
Some people wonder how this happened wit Jaze
Hell I dunno, we just hooked up and started matchin our khakies
Aye now we switchin lanes, grippin da grain
Jody's da name... SO... us hittin yo chick is just a part of the game
I'm tellin u mayne...


[Verse 3:]
I like em 5'9, eyes brown, ass is firm
One dat don't mind to gargle fo she swollow da sperm
Fo you put yo mouth on my bottle, gotta know whatchu doin
Got a nice size on me, hope you got some insurance
Jody Breeze, he been a G... you can ask ya broad
He and everybody in the squad in fancy cars
Gettin yo main dame outta her panties and bra
Oh WHAT?! I'm not intelligent cuz of dat felony charge?
I'm tellin ya guhl. Can't help that I'm a veteren guhl.
I'm at LEAST 16 and you can measure me guhl.
Sick wit it, hell I think I need some medicine for it.
And don't run and tell ya guhl cuz hey she already know it.
So wussup??


[Breakdown: Jody B.]
You like what I like
I like what you like
I know what you want
You got what I need

(Yep Yep...)
(It's ya boy)
(Let's ride)
(Let's ride)
(Let's ride)

You like what I like
I like what you like
I know what you want
You got what I need

(Let's ride)
(Let's ride)
(Let's ride)

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