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Jimmy P. – Bury The Hatchet lyrics

My words are weapons, it's evident I'm selective
I'm begging for you to question the message that I'm selecting
Cuz rap music is sampled, but is that ample enough?
For example, can we handle the gamble and press our luck?

Dismantle the double whammy; cut it, my hands are clammy
Shaking just like a granny with Parkinson's drinking brandy
I must be a nervous wreck, pics didn't surface yet
Bottles of Percocet put me furthest from the threats

I hope you never forget that I too deserve respect
I'm a dirty flirty birdy that wants to fly in a jet
How dare you call me arrogant, evil and egotistic?
When your characteristic's being fake and taking pictures

Let's be realistic, the reason that I'm so sadistic
Is because you make me wish that I was pissed that I'm artistic
Gotta tell the truth, Chris Rock made me realize
That men lie the most and women tell the biggest lies

Any day could be your last; I'm living my life up very fast
No geriatrics, distractions get scary fast
Let's bury the hatchet- need to be in psychiatrics
So I'm fighting back with a battle-axe, getting drastic

Wish I could travel back to '93 right before I was born
And tell my mama you don't wanna have me, you've been warned
I'll deviate from the norm, affiliate with a swarm
Of nonconformists who watch porn in their dorms

The newborn is gonna be sworn to always brainstorm
Ways to transform the earth but will always be scorned
So maybe if I can speak, the baby will be unique
And when you sleep in on the weekend the baby won't make a peep

I can see the future vaguely- people call him a freak
He'll be meek and quiet, but he'll be trying to wreak havoc
On all of the savages that called him a geek
His life will be bleak, but if he seeks the proper technique

He'll be complete- those that stepped on him with cleats will shriek,
Cuz now their option is to sleep on the street
Because they chose to mistreat; they chose to sow, now they reap
So be tongue in cheek, cuz life can be bittersweet, you know

Any day could be your last, I'm living my life up very fast
No geriatrics, distractions get scary fast
Let's bury the hatchet- need to be in psychiatrics
So I'm fighting back with a battle-axe, getting drastic

Advice that you gave me shackled me and enslaved me
You put me in a grave but you're happy thinking you saved me
If ignorance is bliss, won't see the cuffs on my wrists
Or the chains holding my frame, but shame still exists

The smile on your face is replaced with a taste of hate
My faith has gone to waste, can't trace the fall from grace
If I said you hurt me, you would turn around and desert me
An action that converts me back into an introvert

See I'm only as strong as you pretend I am
Then again I'm just a friend or whatever you say I am
I'm all by myself and I'm lonely inside of the moment
Give condolence to my opponent and never seek atonement

Show emotion but stay focused, open and potent
Like venom soaked in your denim that leaves you hopeless and frozen
I mean, paralyzed, you must be very terrified
I should've clarified, when you die, you go to paradise... right?

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