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Jimmie's Chicken Shack – Smiling lyrics

Ohh ohh ohh

Had a dream last night you cared and asked me how I am
Well I am
Sometimes the road to victory takes leads to no good end
And we bend
And it's pure as the sun as sure as the sky
You miss out on me singing it's time to fly
Change has begun
So cease your regrets
I make good mistakes and I'm not over yet

I won't give up on me like you did
I choose to let myself see the good in
Not breathing for you but you wish you could be

And I wake up but don't look in the mirror
Walk downtown as if it one day it might come clearer
Think i'll see you but you couldn't be farther
Picture a little girl that could have been my daughter

Hope you live up to be what you will
I choose to keep myself free and the truth is
I always think of you but you will think of me

Now I stand quiet and still smiling
You know I swallow that pill smiling
I guess I can't get my fill of smiling
Going alone I will smiling

Breathing is really cool, I love my life
Every reason in the world to be smiling
Breathing is really cool, and I love my life
Every reason in the world to be smiling
Breathing is really cool, and I love my life
Every reason in the world to be smiling

Ohh ohh ohh
Yeah yeah yeah

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    Jimi is an extraodinary and very underapreciated lyricist. He can truely do it all, and in a fasion that goes much deeper that most of the cookie cutter po trash that gets the majority of radio air play. In smiling, jimi takes on the face of a character who has lost a very meaningful love. His emotional connection to the delicery of the song strongly suggests that the ballad is potentialy autobiographical, but that's just my personal speculation. This song strikes a resonating chord with me at this point in my life as I am dealing with a break up with a girl that I've been friends with and dated on and off for 13 years. We did a lot of talking about having a child together and I was thrilled about the idea. Now that we've split up, the line "think i'll see you but you couldn't be farther, picture a little girl that could've been my daughter. " is enough to bring tears to my eye. But, like jimi (or the character speaking), I love my life and I've got every reason in the world to be smiling. Peace.
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