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Jim Gaven – The Lovers' Ballad lyrics

1st Verse:

Once upon a time there was love in it's truest of forms but I know you know there's no such thing as waiting for that person's arms anymore 'cause' you'll take what is put right in front of you no matter if it's not quite your taste but history tends to repeat itself do we learn or make the same mistakes?


So much is riding on if your perceptions right or wrong can't you see what this means to me? And I'll know if your heart fakes a start or just skips a beat (So much is riding on if your perceptions light or strong now you see what this needs to be and to settle for less is not what you'll get from me->2nd prechorus)


Just like Romeo and your Juliet the stage is set for a great tragedy of you and me (but let's prove them wrong in this lover's psalm cause we're hopeless in love and hopeful some->2nd Chorus add on)

2nd Verse:

Now it's present day and you're out of luck yet again but you know I know there is someone there waiting for me in my bed patiently so I'll keep you from eveyone else wanting our time together to last forever and ever at best and happily ever after


I'm missing you and you're not even gone and the scent of your hair is leading me on and another week goes by and Sunday night arrives it's the third week in a row where I'll break down and cry (2x)

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