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Jevon – The Crown lyrics

And I’m Jevon
My best move it’s always my neck
I’ll take you all in a sec
Aint’ more point like ball in the neck
Call crash flow I’m cause in the rap
Peace more here more bro yea cause in the neck
I can see they call in the vet
Though my skill it's all intellect
Me and rap like cause in the...
I stay real cause fake isn’t fun
I do me and sell for none
I stay heat like I am the sun
Not need... I am the one
Protect yourself bro I got a gun
... my folks told me not to run
No pear air ‘cause... my lunch
We cheat... blood on my tongue
I’m over these beast like don’t get a roll
I kill traff like we need a tune
Married to the game like bride and the groom
I fuck that bitch like on honey moon
I’m so high like I am the...
I'm the... vision on zoom
Don’t try me bro I am...
And you get... like I got a broom
Bang on me like can be a drum
Fuck your game and where you’re from
High of a blunt and... can feel my face my shit is...
I eat rapers get in my tongue
Main coast bro you just a...
Real plus rap I am the sun
To go get me to be more than...

The sky comes down
And if tomorrow don’t come round, round
I promise I’ma run this town
I feel I’m tryin to take my crown
Even if the sky comes down
And if tomorrow don’t come round, round
I promise I’ma run this town
I feel I’m tryin to take my crown

Door pit with me and my...
I pout thief where... should go
I am king the people know
Not the one who wanna be sleeping know
You better off tryin...
‘cause you won’t no beat more...
I will leave you leaking on
I show up... the jewels
No meet my... no points approved just don’t have to...
I like the... you down like the...
I like your ass like fire a few
Kiss wanna rap... meet me to school
Don’t be the product of my...
Rapping a lot I’m on the top nothing but lyrics killin inside
Hip hop... fuck what they said
Kept it a lot... they wanna know how...
‘cause my enemies look...
Fuck on my hustle or when I get hot
I used to have all on my side
I love to pop ‘cause not a...
I love strap cause... is anything but a chick...
Flow so fresh I miss the clean
You think you top how... in a ring
Cumble you up even my nimb
I’m on you...


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