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Jessie Feyler – When You Need A Friend lyrics

When you need a friend
I'll be here till the end
When you need a shoulder to cry on
It won't be a con
If you want to laugh
I'll be your half
I'll be there for you
For everything you do
When you need a friend
Verse 1:
When your all alone
Bein on your own
I'll be your savior
(Rest, rest)Your savior
When you hurt the most
I'll be so close
When you need me
I'll be your sweet pea Oohhh
You always cheer me up
I hope I cheer you up
When you lose all hope
You won't mope
Cuz I'll be your friend
Till the end
[Verse 2:]:
You said when you need a friend
I'll be here till the end
You always know what to say
(Rest, rest) Day by day
When you need someone to talk to
I'll never say adieu
Here is my hope
Now please don't mope Oohhh
When all else fails
Let me here the tales
When I need your love
I won't give it a shove
I'll be your friend
Till the end
When your broken
And your outspoken
When no one wants you
I'll always want you
No matter what you do
I'll always be proud of you
Everything I do
I'll think of you
You'll never be alone
You'll never be own your own
I'll always be here for you
I'll never leave you
(Rest, rest)(Slowly) I'll always be your friend
Till the end
Chorus times 2
(Slowly) When you need a friend

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