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Jeffrey C. Morris – In A Russian Scare lyrics

On Wall Street,
A serpent erected his head.
Blood cascaded from the mighty serpent's head
When dynamite detonated.
Thirty-nine perished.
Countless injured.
The Bolshevists prevailed.
In vengeance for avarice,
An explosion erupted
And the capitalists interrupted.
Fire swept all of Wall Street
With stench and limbs everywhere.
Widows and orphans bewailed
With chimes sounding everywhere.
In a Russian scare,
There was a terror.
But I did not dare the Bear.
Rather, I feared the Bear
In a Russian scare.
In a mission accross the Atlantic,
I by-passed Trafalgar Square
And travelled to Red Square.
Then, in a glare instead of a scare,
I stared the Bear in a dare.
I said, "Hello, Mr. Lenin.
Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
Shylock is dead
But Sherlock is alive.
Let's play Russian Roulette."
Mr. Nobel's invention was dynamite
In his cupidity.
His contribution was the Peace Prize
In his stupidity.
Did Emma Goldman win his prize?

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