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Jazzmyn Bradshaw – Feel The Night lyrics

Verse One:
Intuition's underrated,
Why do we make things so complicated?
Revert to simplistic ways,
Like hippies round a campfire, we'll sway.
Stop and let the rhythm play,
Drown it all out and live your own way.

Close your eyes and feel the night.
Let the music take control.
Let the beat move from your feet,
All the way into your soul.
Close your eyes and feel the night.
Can't you just let it go?
Don't have the answers,
But when we're dancing,
It doesn't matter anymore,
Feel the night... [night x 5]

Verse Two:
Perfection's overrated,
Why do we care what they've been saying?
Return to our primitive ways;
Thinking with the body, not with the brain.
Headed off to sing my own refrain,
No turning back, just living each day.


Listening to the animal inside.
[Oh]Throwing away my inhibitions tonight.
[Oh]Listening to the animal inside.
[Oh]Throwing away my inhibitions tonight...
[Oh, ooh, oh, oh, oh]
[Chorus:] x2

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