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Jayhawks – Stranded In The Jungle lyrics

I crashed in the jungle
While trying to keep a date
With my little girl
Who was back in the states

I was stranded in the jungle
Afraid and alone
Trying to figure a way
To get a message back home

But how was I to know that
The wreckage of my plane
Had been picked up and spotted
My girl in lovers lane

Meanwhile, back in the states

Baby, baby
Let's make romance
Your old time lover
Hasn't got a chance
He's stranded in the jungle
Sad as he can be
So come on, pretty baby
Just you and me

Meanwhile, back in the jungle

The boys in the jungle
Had me on the run
When something heavy hit me
Like an atomic bomb

When I woke up and
My head started to clear
I had a strange feeling
I was with cooking gear

I smelled something cooking
And I looked to see
That's when I found out
They was cooking me

Meanwhile, back in the states


Meanwhile, back in the jungle

I jumped out the pot
And finally got away
Frantic with worry about
What my baby would say

So I jumped in the ocean
And started to swim
But my chances of survival
Were getting mighty slim

So I thumbed down a whale
Who was heading my way
And I reached the states
In half a day

When I got to lovers lane
I was almost dead
But my soul was gone
Here's what I said

Baby, baby
That man is no good
Oh, baby, baby
You should've understood

You can trust me
As long as I'm free
So come back, pretty baby
Where you used to be

Cause I love you
Cause I love you
Cause I love you

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