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Jay Smoke – Punch lyrics


OK, let me take you through a story that sounds something like this,
Seeking peace in this world, I ended curling ma fist,
I lived in mere darkness, were nowhere to go
I've been to these places that nobody knows...
No excuses! I felt pain, rite through ma bones...
I've taken blow after blow, but always come back for more...
The fuel was there, now the fire is lit,
I'm the poisonous words with the venom I spit,
Now I riddle with the words and rhyme with the flow,
Give me the mike, I'll put you on the show...
It's almost time for sunrise and I'm still awake
I've been to hell, I'm back now, so give me a break!
Jay Smoke is back, back back...

[Verse 1: Jay Smoke]

Yeah yeah yeah
Listen now... get back now...
Jay Smoke ain't dead, look I'm back now...
I'm from BYT with ma fist down...
Down with 3 IV's like a hawk down...
Now I'm back motherfuckers, this is B-Town city,
And the Machas don get it, cuz I did it like 50, now back off
Cuz, I'm on a war, had to hide from the light to conceal these scars.
Like a bird I'm caged... like a bull I'm raged...
I mean I was so amazed, something so fucking green could
Land a strong punch rite on your face,
I always said I'd come back, I come back harder...
Leave a mark on your tombstone and go up further...
Cuz Smoke goes higher, Smoke never goes down
Wen I punch your face, you don't even make a sound
You D.I.E and you fall on the ground...
"I float like a Butterfly, sting like a Bee"
That's what Ali said and that's What I'mma be son... ! (Imma be son)
You are too young to fight me, u better run.
Before I clock ma fist for a Death Punch...


... For a Death Punch...
... For a Death Punch...
... Before I clock ma fist for a Death Punch... !

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