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Jason Thugs-M-Futurama – Brothaz Babyz lyrics


Be I don't care known nobody else
Finna nobody else
[Loudly Roar]

I can't see back off, satan, brother, 666, over time, everytime (4X)
So sad, so sad

Brothaz babyz
Keep down wit the Earth

We he of a Bender, Zoidberg, Hermes, Leela

No matter robot can't be

[Bender (Zoidberg)]
Killaz, killaz thugs on me
Killaz, killaz thugs on be
Killaz, killaz thugs on G

[Zoidberg, Leela, Bender]
Slap on your run run run
Run run run run runnnnn
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry
I keep buddah to last night to break y'all
Don't run, don't run
No fuckin' way, no fuckin' way
Fuckin' trouble, fuckin' trouble
I'm you sure, I'm your sure
No problems bitch, no problems bitch

He's dead can't be know life
Of Heaven and God was life rapz gangztaz

Be carefully 'em ? my legs
No fuckin' way I fuckin duckin' my begs

Ow no? Childhood motherfuckin way
To pay to way to play to lay

Underground motherfuckin to ? me
To be y'all down for you
Underground motherfuckin to ? me
To be y'all down for you

Oh hell, so no well
Be to a bell to a well

Don't be afraid of the dark, OK?
About the money, flawless, hot nigga, recognize
Put 'em babyz put em in the ladyz
Babyz babyz babyz comin' babyz

To now y'all fuckin' pretty hip hop now
Fuckin' now than formula now

Better you 'em down to put 'em a mud

It's a mud sorry 'em, worry 'em, doory 'em
The brothaz to 'em killa

Put 'em in the mud with me put 'em in the mud with me
Calm down, calm down, calm down, calm down

Naughty motherfuckers, I'll be ya'll motherfuckers doing here

Gangin' 'em put 'em in the mud down for me
Down with me Jason for you

The Jason R.I.P. y'all graveyard shift motherfuckers

Rainin', rainin'

[Fry and Leela]
Don't be afraid of the dark, OK?

Revenge of life
...number three

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