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Jang Beom Joon – She Smiles lyrics geunyeoreul bwasseul ttae
Nado moreuneun yonggiga nasseosseo

Joyonghi keu soneul jabatjyo
Geunyeoreul kyesok bwasseum jotgesseo

Cheo.eumen geunyeoga useotjyo
I gippeun mam sogen iyuga manhatjyo

Hanbeon deo keu soneul jabatjyo
Geunyeoga nareul kyesok bogo useosseo
Dasi tto naega geunyeoreul jabatjyo
Keuttaeneun jeongmal babo gatasseo

Hanbeon deo naega geunyeoreul wonhajyo
Keuttaeneun jeongmal manhi ureosseo
Dasi tto geunyeo igireul baraeyo
Keuttaeneun naega cham babo gatasseo geunyeoreul bwasseul ttae
Nado moreuneun yonggiga nasseosseo

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