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Jane Siberry – Symmetry (The Way Things Have To Be) lyrics

Or... say you're in a room And
there's a beautiful fire And
you're looking out the window (at
the snow and the winter streets below) But
your eyes keep returning to the fire This

is what I'm thinking The
reason your eyes keep returning to the fire Is
because it divides your sight Into
left and right And
dark and light and dark Like
a fine dividing wire Here's

another thing That
I noticed last night Whe
he kissed me over there He
usually kissed me over here too, I

must have known it in my heart And
with my inner sense of art Because
when I kiss him over there I
never kiss him over here It's

the way of the world People
do it everywhere If
you're going to do it over here Then
usually they do it over there too Symmetry

is the way things have to be Symmetry
is the way things have to be Or

say you're at a table And
you have your forks and knives Do
you move them around 'til
you get them just right (this?
is while you're talking to someone) Or

you work in a nightclub And
you notice that Even
though you try to seat everyone on one side of the room They
always spread themselves out evenly from this side to that Like
atoms in a model It's

the way of the world Or...

say you're in an air show And
you're flying with two other pilots And
you want to do it right Because
you like to do it right And

one guy is flying At
the tip of your left wing And
the other guy's off Doing
his own thing Would
it bother you It?
bothers me It's

the way of the world

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