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James @ War – Blame Halo 3 lyrics

I'm sorry for the way that I've behaved
Over the last 27 days
I'm sorry for the times you've
Asked and pled But I never heard
A word you said When you were tellin'
Me to take out the trash And you were warning
Me we were low on cash I'm sorry that I acted
Like a slob I'm sorry I got fired from my job

I'm sorry that the house hasn't been cleaned
The kids fought and I didn't intervene I'm sorry
That I haven't made our bed I didn't feed the dog and
Now he's dead Because I'm on the couch like every day

Livin' off Mountain Dew and Frito Lays
I'm sorry for the weight that I've started to gain
I'm sorry that my man-boobs are causing you pain
And yes, I know that your folks came over and I
Never said hello and I missed our toddler's first
Steps And your birthday, yes I know

And I suppose the very worst of it all was when I
Missed the birth of our new baby But I had a good reason
Babe See, I was playing Halo 3 I was playing Halo 3
I was playing Halo 3 Hanging out with Master Chief Edition

Yeah, I was playing Halo 3 See I was playing Halo 3
Just hanging out with Master Chief While I was playing
Halo 3 I'm sorry that I missed the toilet, dear 'Cause I was
Trying to play while looking in the mirror

I know that it must have seemed so cruel When I forgot to
Pick our son up from school I'm sorry that the car got repposessed
I bought the flat screen insted of making payments
I'm sorry that all I could see was my game When you came
Down in your new lingerie

And I know that your threatening to leave me You've found a
Man you're going to wed And I'm sorry y'all will never get married
'Cause Now he plays Halo with me instead I know it's really hard
On you And that it's got you feeling blue It must be just like Deja Vu
From when I was playing Halo 2 I was playing Halo 2 I was playing Halo 2

It almost split up me and you when I was playing Halo 2 But now
I'm playing Halo 3 On my xbox 360 just hanging out with my online
Peeps While were playing Halo 3

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