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J. Lye – She's Dangerous lyrics

Yeah you ever have that one girl, the one that puts you in danger?

Now shawtys like a fire, got a grip on me like pliers
Everytime she pulls me tighter, it's tempting my desire
I'm tempted just to try her, cause I can feel the fire
It's burning inside, and I think that it can take me higher
But I feel like I'm in danger, I think I wanna be in danger
She got my feeling so unstable, didn't read the warning label
Now it's all up on the table, everything she do, I think it's gonna put my heart up in danger

I think she put me in uh, in danger, in uh, in danger, in uh...

Verse 1:
Feel my heart beat, star struck in my seat,
Want to taste you cause you lookin so sweet
Damn, I gotta bring it back to the truth
Watch me like a hawk got me feelin like a youth
Got me feeling like a kid, but is it wrong?
For you mi amor, I would write a whole song
I guess I am, so why do I worry?
Baby girl I gotta tell my story
I approach, you came close,
You did most, but I did boast
Told the whole world, one day theyd toast
Thought our love would forever coast
But I did shake, my heart you take
Your the kinda girl that could make or break
Me so I fell to the ground
Fire alarm, the bell did sound


I think she put me in uh, in danger, in uh, in danger, in uh...

Fire engine, come get me
Flames surround, and I can't see
Bring the water, cool me down
Wait not to much, cause I will drown
That is her, no life vest near
Blast of bombs and I can't hear
I need help, call the army
Call the navy or military
I feel like I've been shot
I feel like I've been knocked
That's what she do, she locks the scope
Feel the red dot, that means no hope
I can't cope, I can't stand
She's not mine, but I am her man
Rescue me, I'm locked so damn
I'm gonna sink, quick like the sand


I think she put me in uh, in danger, in uh, in danger, in uh...

I know it's bad, but it's her I want
The way she walks the way she flaunts
I can't resist and I can't hold back
I need a thousand cc's stat
Damn it's like I thought she was fine, I thought she was mine, only in my mind
But the pain came quick, walkin in a field for countless time and she's a mine
Blowin up black hole it sucks, suck me in
Drunk driver swerving crazy drivin blind, jaywalkin, I'm pedestrian
It's a constant fight, nevending sleep, cold as frost bite, screaming out burr
Ambulance put me on a stretcher, cause I love her


I feel like I'm in danger baby...
But I wanna be in danger with you... Yeah... J

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