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Iron Solomon – Almost There lyrics

Oh, and I'm almost there
Oh, I'm almost there
Oh, I'm almost there
Oh, I'm almost there

I seen a lot of back and forths, had a lot of up and downs
Met a lot of surface deep people on the underground
Loud mouths get quiet when I come around
Look me in my eye coward say somethin now
Buncha clowns, just jealous cause they want the crown
I won the belt but now I gotta buckle down
Headed for the 12th, bout to be the toughest round
Squarin off with the clock, time's runnin out
But my hands aint' idle while the seconds go
I set my own pace to the metronome
Cause time wont wait and I'm gettin grown
Tryna build a legacy outta flesh and bone
Either way each stage is a steppin stone
But sometimes the spotlight's best left alone
I never left the throne, it's my second home
But the head that hold the crown bears a heavy load
Gotta keep every angle in perspective though
One man's trash is another man's treasure trove
And I seen rich men chase beggars gold
So if I'm on the right path? Only heaven knows
Am I movin too fast? In the speed lane,
On the edge of losin my grasp tryna keep sane
Eyes on the hourglass countin each grain
Everything's that come to pass was the pre-game
So now people from my past say that he's changed
They don't recognize the insight we've gained
When you knew me last I was teenaged
If I hadn't grown by now that would be strange

Though the roots of who I am still remain
Aint runnin in place caught in a freeze frame
Stuck on a step in repeat tryna reach fame
Able to stand on my own, I don't need cane
Can't knock me off my feet
I'm followin my dreams like I'm walkin in my sleep
Earn in a place and a plot for my coffin very deep
They say actions speak volumes and talk is very cheap
So put your 2 cents in, I don't pay it no mind
Hands on the steering wheel, eyes on the road sign
Gettin to the end of the tunnel is a slow grind
Starin at the light too long you could go blind
I aint fightin I've been guided by my own shine
Future lookin brighter than a diamond in a coal mine
And I can feel the chills risin up my whole spine
Everyone I look to as my idols gives me co-signs
Showtime, yeah the moment has arrived
About which as a kid I would fantasize
But whatever I achieve I aint satisified
Cause things aint always what they seem or how they advertised
So still I'm feelin camera shy
Somethin that I can't describe
Sick of tryna analyze who I really am inside
So I just put it in a song and let the fans decide

Oh we almost there
Oh we almost there
Oh we almost there
Oh we almost there

Almost there, Oh we almost there
Almost there, Oh we almost there
Almost there, Oh we almost there
Almost there, almost there

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