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Iron Rain – Down The White Line lyrics

Garden of the Gods
©2000 Catsongs Productions

You think nothing of yourself
Or for anyone else
You runined my life
You're ending yours
Then you go and
Light up again

Why do you do it.
Can't live without it.
You keep dragging me down.
Why don't you stop it.
Quit wasting my time.
Before you lose your mind.
But you already did.

You're walking the white line.
You say it's your time
But you keep crashing into mine.
You tell me you're sorry.
Can't live without me.
Why don't you call someone who cares. 'cause I don't anymore.

Whether you live or die.
It just doesn't matter.
Stop playing around with my head. 'cause you're already dead.

You're breathing life into old lies. There's no truth anywhere. No more time, you're walking a thin line.
I won't hear anymore.

One thing you should know.
You're really got to go.
I just can't take anymore.
Don't you know you're way out of line.
Stop wasting my time.
I don't wanna hear anymore.

You're screaming into deaf ears. You're making no sense at all.
I've had enough.
I'm not gonna take no more.
Why don't you just put it to rest. Please don't ask me again

No, I don't love you.
I can live without you.
It's best that you just
Leave me alone.
So go on and take another walk along down that fine line.
Down the white line to hell.
I'm finished with you.

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