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Invidiosus – Exacerbated Psychosis lyrics

Tide of cogency

Reduced to redundancy

The illusion begins to dissolve
Inner maelstrom
A vindictive subconscious, absolved

Procuring tangibility, substantiality
Further exonerated from your society
A systematic acumen, aloofness to “them”
Sickening, a flux from within you

As madness sets in,
Sagacity, a sin
The meek, herded into enslavement…

Death from above
The powers that be,
Ruling all, psychologically

Fragile psyche, wrought
Asunder, your thoughts
Mental hierarchy,
Descending towards unreality

The landscape around you, now
Barren, infertile
A sterile realm of the subconscious,
Unfulfilled, desolate, austere

Your purpose, clear
Compounding focus,
Splitting through the fog and myopia

Burdening realization
Coalesces, within
As paranoia seeps through…

Systematic involution
Mind split open, sickening, deranged

All thought now, immediately evacuated
Folly: whirling, destroying every synapse of the brain
Internal Bleeding
Spewing forth, a hemorrhage inside of you
Clotting, blackened, perforated within
Sanguine fluid; Mortise incision

Insalubrious, discordant contradiction
Everything around you at odds with your very life
What you’ve come to know, a pathetic existence
Humanity desiccating, turning man to device
Perfunctory, automated… Just cogs in the machine

Ecstasy, found erasing thee
Disconnected from life
Animated to war, and strife

Your fucking freedom forever ensnared
Automatons, running scared

Soon to fall, perception as you’ve come to know it
Inhibitions within you snapping like twigs
A plethora of murderous thoughts, fulfilling
Sacrificial exultation; Unabated, blood spilling

Shroud, congealing around you (now within you)
Instigating you to sadism, and vehemence
Viciously, converging on brutality
Laid out as a final homage: Carnage and pugnacity

Disease, rampant
The Infection, black
Ichor pours forth, from cognizance

Observance: Subservient
Intellect, in ruin
Inevitably, mortality decays to fatality

Cogitation terminated suddenly—violently
Afterlife: The final Crux

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