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Intro5pect – Questions lyrics

I raise my hand cause
I've got another question
Teacher can you tell me
Why the cops harass me
When I only wanted their protection

Why do I have to work for the rest of my life
Face to the grind at a job I never liked
Who created this convention

Take it all back, turn it around
The medium is the message
And it's more than just

Take it all back, turn it around

I raise my hand cause I'm still confused
Never understood why we still make use
Of a system that's founded upon greed

You can explain away but I can't believe
I'll never agree with the way that you see
Cause it's leaving people sleeping in the streets


Winds of charge are blowing
Harder than you've ever seen before
They're pushing and they're pulling
Straight to the company door
It's like a blank page under white light
The contrast is so high it's like day versus night
It's so easy to follow when it's all so clear
Outline is set and the deadline is here


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