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International Five – That's What Love Will Do (They Say) lyrics

(Gonna break it down, here we go, yeah)
They say love will drive you crazy
They say love ain't black or white
They think they know it all, they got some crystal ball
This time I know they're right
They say keep your sense of humor
No way that I can, you make me so mad
But you're the best, the best I ever had
So I guess it's only natural, I should feel so irrational

Sometimes I hate you, but I love you too
Wanna run away, then run to you
Got to push me 'til I pull through
They say that's what love will do
It makes me feel good 'til I wanna scream
It's a nightmare in the sweetest dream
Makes me insane in the membrane
They say that's what love will do

They say love is complicated
They say that's what makes it work
Monday you make me cry
Tuesday you dry my eyes
Someday we'll laugh until it hurts
I get so upset but you know that's just how I get
So I'll give you both sides of my heart
Even though they're miles apart


Some things can't be explained
There on the rider's rain
But love is so insane
And that's one thing you cannot change

Chorus x2

Sometimes I hate you, but I love you too
They say that's what love will do to you

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