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Insooni – Gift lyrics

Georeumeul meomchugo jakku dwireul dorabwa
Mueonga dugoon deut geureohge hanchameul

Geugosen useumgwa haengbogiraneun gieok
Manheun geosdeuri beoryeojyeo isseossne

Hanbeondeo salgireul... Cheoeumeuro barago
Geuttaeya boideora nunbusin geu gijeok

Miryeonhage mollasseo geojismallo sogyeosseo
Ulgoissdeon naega usneunjul arasseo

Geojismal cheoreom useossgo geojismal cheoreom sarasseo
Naega naega naega geojismal cheoreom arasseo
Bureo oneun I barami naegen naegen seonmul iya

Meongireul georeossgo gin kkumeul kkueosseo
Geudaereul nohchin sesang geugoseseo hollo

Manhi jichideora geuri sumichadeora
Usgoissdeon naega eoneusae uldeora

Geojismal cheoreom useossgo geojismal cheoreom sarasseo
Naega naega naega... Geojismalcheoreom arasseo
Bureooneun I barami.. Naegen naegen seonmul iya

Moduga doraseon hue
Hollo barameul magajudeon
Geudaereul gieokhae

Geojismal cheoreom useossgo
Geojismal cheoreom sarasseo
Naega naega naega
Geojismalcheoreom arasseo
Bureooneun I barami
Naegen naegen seonmul iya

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