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Insidious Decrepancy – Inebriated By The Blood Of Divine Suffering Through Secular Dissection lyrics

Retribution, unholy deeds
I gouge their eyes out, so they can see
I cannot fathom, or reason why
Eradication, of Christian thought from my mind

Stab the knife so deep, cutting Christan flesh

Eradication of the disease, their plague surrounds me
Eradication of christian rite, their screams arouse me
Destroy the opposition of life's insanity
I shall nor falter, destroying feeble Christians
As they beg and plead, "Please father save me!"
I shall not falter from this, my destiny
The voices call me, destroy the opposition

Of life's insanity, I shall not falter
Eradication of the diseased, their plague
Surrounds me, eradication of christian rite
Their screams arouse me, darkness
I shall receive, sworn against my enemy
The christian philosophy [x2]
Never repent

Lies and deceit, innocence punished
The guilty weep, pain-no remorse
Blasphemy drunken my soul [x2]

Feeling the power, watching them cower
Instinctive killing, holy blood spilling [x2]

He lied, goodness dies, evil rise!

Cleansing the masses
Eradication of the disease
Their plague surrounds me
Eradication of christian rite
Their screams arouse me

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