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Initial Ge – Reform lyrics

Initial Ge – Reform lyrics

Hey Jamie (ha ha) ya know ya ma best mate right check this out

These words that a quote people are you up for the vote people just smoking dope it seems like people who diss a just can't cope why don't they jus get a life an quit the grief putting people down is just not the life but me ya see am determined to achieve this type of shite now a must get this right now here comes the sight your about to witness this is the shiz some people auter mind their own business now can ya feel the fizness on ya tongue tinglin cus av had to much shizness these lyrics are intended to cause ultimate bigness this is initial ge now here come the numerous inches I'm havin a changed jus getting things right there's just a little re arrange with me av found ma type of genre in me well it was always rap so watch out now cus here comes ma biggest attack am back am back yes am back am back an still in tack but just changed reformed re arrange reborn so get ready for the album reform so here I come now here I swarm a was a rapper with an emcee name underneath cover a was secretly the same doin rap kinda songs now a must get this message across it's initial ge the rapper not mc as you think ya see this is rap like you know the game an eminem it's rap like that kinda the same but in ma own style whilst I rap I release ma miles an everythin av got fuck with me an al blow ya whole spot but lets not resort to guns an violence although a wont not keep ma mouth shut a will not be silent a will get the this across guess who's in charge here am the boss of rap round here so there's no fear it's me just listen carefully very carefully so ya locked onto this song an me initial ge
[Verse 2:]
Am back so get ready for me an ma lyrical rhymes too good causing abit of controversy an stirin shit up or what ya would say causing lyrical crimes here ma chimes pictured so perfectly hard to fit it into lines but hope to break through an shine this is something different but like said before blowin ya whole spot up but this time with mines an this time is ma chance that just not define trust me a will make everybody who's ever supported me al make them proud to know me just give me a chance a think there's only one person who knows a can put on a song an dance an has faith in me... An that's Jamie.

Neeeer nen nen nen
Neeeer nen nen nen

Ha ha
Owww oww

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