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Infected – I'm Gonna Be My King lyrics

I didn't see it-no I didn't hear it I was just trying to
Remember all the things I'll never know
Well I was walking along-and I'm trying to stay strong-but
It's always so hard because something's going wrond-but
I try to remember all the things I'll never know
And then it crashes on down without a warning there's a sound
And the next thing I know is I'm flying off the ground
I try to remember all the things I'll never know
If you could hear mt heart-it'd sound something like this
Not from my memory-what do you want from me
Spinning through the ages left laughing at the dazes
Left me nothing that I want nor I need
My pain is running plenty, my anger's nearly spent me
Getting harder from the suffering

You crash my world and you're going down, run away and
I'll hunt you down
Start me up and that's the way it gonna be
I gotta rule my world I'm gonna be my king I got it all set up
I'm gonna be that everything

Ssh! Now listen up... My heart's got something else to say!
Out of my memory... That's all that's left of me

I'm tired of your lying, have no more of your denying...
Never want the future to turn to that past
Thoughts annihilated-you're mentally constipated
To disturb, it from the things that don't last

I'm gonna be my king
Ripping apart at the mind
Ripping apart at the mind-you mentally try to slay me
Ripping apart at the mind-why you trying to do me
Ripping apart at the mind-why a king couldn't save me
When you mentally slay me

A simplistic introduction to a complex destruction
From the friction that they're sponsoring
Unable to delete the memories incomplete
Cause the hope and joy they're conquering
It's spiritually uncleansing-the nightmare's never-ending
Now you're striking the proverbial kill
But you underestimated how highly agitated
Was my purpose and my power and will

Can't nobody stop me can't nobody stop me
I'm gonna be my king
I didn't see it, no Ididn't hear it I was just trying to remember
All the things I'll never know

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