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Incubus – Out From Under lyrics

To resist is to piss in the wind.

Anyone who does will end up smelling.
Knowing this, why do I defy?

Because my inner voice is yelling.
There is a fist pressing against anyone who thinks something compelling.
Our intuit we're taught to deny,
And our soul we're told is for selling.

Get out from under them resist and multiply!
Get out from under precipice and see the sky!

Get out from under them Resist, unlearn, defy!
Get out from under precipice and see the sky!

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    Get out from under the people who think you should be nothing more than a pacified consumer. To resist the people who attempt to put this cage around you is like pissing into the wind. You will encounter resistance because the people around you have no clue what is going on and will not understand you, people may think you are nuts or an outcast or a know it all. You will smell. But why defy the system? Because an inner voice knows there is a better way to conduct business. Of course, even with your knowledge, there is a fist pressing against any of your compelling thoughts. In this age we are taught to deny our intuition, we're not out hunting game anymore to survive, so we are taught to deny our intuition in our stationary sedentary society. And on top of it everything is for sale. No one gives a damn about your innocence or your autonomy or your soul if they can make money off of it. Get out from under them. Resist them and multiply, spread the word. Get out from the constant looming ledge they put you on and see the sky. Unlearn them, defy. Look to the sky it is yours, do not deny your intuition and hang tight to your soul.
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