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Incubus – Made For Tv Movie lyrics

I heard a word from 'on high'
Glare like a light in the sky
It said, "quit blowing each other up"

Voicing so crystaline clear
Some thing's unclean in your ear
When only blood will fill your cup

I'm trying to focus, but my eyes decieve me
I'm witnessing history... Repeating

It fell like a tear from my eye
Flying machine so up high
Well, there goes the neighborhood

A scene set to singe innocence
Upheave, unhinge, and pit against
Like every made for tv movie should

I'm trying to focus, but my eyes decieve me
I'm witnessing history... Repeating

Focus. Focus. Focus. Focus.
Focus. Focus! Focus!! Focus!!!
(I can see now)

We are, we know, we see, we think for you!
The who, the what, the when, the where, the why!
We build your young, we built you too, we see you all!

I'm trying to focus, but my eyes decieve me
I'm witnessing history... Repeating

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  • u
    Based on the 9-11 bombing.
    "it fell like a tear from my eye, flying machine so up high well, there goes the neighborhood"
    The flying machine is about the hi-jacked planes and the "there goes the neighborhood" and "fell like a tear" tells about the fall of the towers.
    " a scene set to singe innocence, upheave, unhinge and pit against like every made for tv movie should"
    Emphizes the destruction of the tower and the "every made for tv movie should" tells that this scene is commonly seen only on movies.
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  • r
    A light in the sky refers to some sort of spiritual entity that is telling us to stop blowing each other up. Most of the junk we are exposed through by television is like an unclean voice in our ear. The flying machines (satellites) beam this unclean junk into our neighborhoods and it's really quite sad, seeing as how people are no longer the same once exposed to the programming. Most of the material is meant to unhinge our innocence and pit us against one another. If you focus, you can see it, and it's history repeating itself as this type of spiritual battle has been taking place for quite some time, it's just that television is its new medium. The ones who dictate the programming we receive think for us, they tell us the who, what, where, and why. They build our young (it sounds like heads) and they've built you too. One who is buried beneath the rubbish has a hard time seeing it, but focus and you'll see.
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