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In Flames – Disconnected lyrics

Look at the dead outside my window
Wonder what's on their mind?
Why do they run?
They all seem to have a mission
But then they cry themselves to sleep

You receive what you give
And this is like nothing
I feel like shit
But at least I feel something

Is this all you meant to be?

There are marks in the pavement
You've walked this route too many times
What if I changed the signs?
Would you even take notice?


Is this all you have to give?
So... March... Straight jacket union...
So... March...
In chains - surrender

[Chorus x2]

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    Yo! Fallcross this is meanings postings not shout outs man. I know it's awesome but that's not what this is used for. The song above is about being seperate from sanity or society. It hints at being in a insane asylum "straight jacket Union". "Look at the dead outside my window" And for those who haven't been to an asylum the people inside are so drugged up and sick that they seem dead and don't know where the hell they are. And as much as the indiviual is locked up feels terrible he feels "at least I feel something" overall it means don't take what you have for granted because then you end up disconnected.
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