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In Flames – Alias lyrics

The serpent knows,
When the curtain falls,
With denials blindfold,
He greets another day

Don't believe the mask
It adapts to any lie,
A perfect ten,
When reality caves in
Don't tell me,
Tell my ghost,
'cause I blame him
For all I don't want to know
I found secrets about life's undertow

Life's wrapped in a riddle,
Easier said than done,
Way to play the victim,
Just run and hide.


Let them take me far away

Crawl back in place,
It's easier to cope behind the curtain,
Wipe the worries away
No thought about the consequence


Let them take me far away

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  • m
    I think ur right about the ghost part. The other parts of the song talk about someone sitting back, holding what they want to say and hiding from their feelings about someone they know is hurting themselves (maybe with drugs). The person doing these things to themselves is saying you can say what you want when I'm dead because I don't want to know while I'm alive. The person holding back is copeing with it "behind a curtain" and acting like their the victim.
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  • i
    This song is a complex, but amazing song as well. It speaks of how one person whos made mistakes seeks a peace of mind. He however does not seek forgiveness because that leads to another sin. Life leads to many more sins and he seeks for someone to take him away. It is just saying live life and realize not everone will be happy no matter what you do. His line of telling his ghost hints at his lifestyle that he'd be dead soon or that his life can take him there and anything he or the other indiviudal had done can be said in peace, without any lies (the sin).
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