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Imagine Dragons – Trouble lyrics

[Verse 1]
Oh quiet down, I've had enough
I guess it's now or never
I've been around, I've settled up
I'll go soon or later

I took a photograph of me
And I was only nineteen
I looked a little lost at sea
I keep trying to find me

Break for me brother, I need redemption
I'm just a man, a man on a mission
I want no trouble, I want no trouble
I want no trouble, I want no trouble

Break for me sister, give me a mention
I've got no faith and oh did I mention
I want no trouble, I want no trouble
I want no trouble, I want no trouble

[Verse 2]
I'll pack it up, and hit the road
And only take my lighter
I've seen the glitz, I've seen the glam
But I prefer the pay dirt


[Bridge] x2
Maybe you can save my soul
With all the things that I don't know


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  • d
    The lead singer and one other member of the band are actually Mormons (or members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints), and I'm also a member of that church and love it to pieces and also just got back from serving a mission for 2 years in Canada teaching people about the church but I just love the church so much and love imagine dragons so much as well. My sister's friend actually grew up with them in Utah and she said that at the time this song was written the lead singer's brother was on a mission in Africa and his brother wasn't actually allowed to listen to outside music but he still wrote this song for his brother. Missionaries start serving when they are 19 years old so that's why he mentioned he's just a man on a mission and also that he took a photo of himself when he was only 19. That's why there are also words about redemption, and why he wants no trouble. And the lyrics are actually "pray" for me brother, not "break". The church is so awesome and if anyone wants to learn more they can totally ask me questions because I love it so much.
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  • u
    Pay dirt not painter :) um don't know what to put else in here because I need 50 words and I only had a comment and a I'm on a mobile phone and i have no comment besides this and I have no clue how to make a correction rawr
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